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What to Wear to a Cocktail Party

July 15, 2019

When you receive a invitation to a special event or party its always exciting but knowing what to wear can be a little daunting, particularly when you see the dress code "Cocktail Attire" Don't Stress it's not as hard as you think!

In this article we hope to answer all your Questions so next time when you get Invited to a cocktail Party you will wear your outfit with confidence.

How Long or Short should a Cocktail Dress Be

Lets start with the length, traditionally the length of a cocktail dress should be on or around the knee but it doesn't stop there you can also go longer or shorter. That being said you do not want to go to long or too short.

Floor length Gowns are more appropriate for a formal occasions and is not considered cocktail attire. 

Midi Length is acceptable for cocktail attire, midi length hemline is around halfway between your knees and your ankles.

Even though Mini Dresses are acceptable for Cocktail Party's you do not want it being too short, a good guideline to go by is rest your arms by your side the hem  length should be longer than your fingertips.

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Do I have to wear Black

Even though the little black dress is the the obvious and traditional choice you do not have to wear black.

Wearing different colours or even prints is acceptable. There are so many beautiful patterned and textured fabrics why limit yourself to black.

Lace or beaded dresses are also a great option.

Keep accessories simple when wearing heavily patterned or textured fabrics.

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Do I have to Wear a Dress

Our First thought when we hear Cocktail Attire is "I need to get a dress" but that is not the case you can also wear a skirt and top, you just need to remember this is a party you are going to not a work event, so keep is dressy not corporate.

Jumpsuits are very on trend and there are many dressy jumpsuits that are absolutely appropriate for a Cocktail Party, just keep an eye on the fabric and make sure it is not too casual.

Playsuits may also be acceptable but most of the time they are too short or fitted and you end up looking like you are going to a bar or club instead of a cocktail party, if you do really want to wear a playsuit make sure it passes the length test as mentioned earlier longer than your fingertips when arms are resting by your side.

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What else you need to know

If you want to wear pants remember this is a party not an office event so keep it fun.

Denim is never acceptable ever!

If you are uncertain of how dressy to be think of the host and there style whether they are conservative or love to experiment with their style.

Also if you are invited to a party or an event and there is no dress code it is always better to be overdressed than under dressed, and you can get an indication of how to dress by checking out the venue.

How about For Men

Now that you are sorted you are wandering about my man! For men not much has changed, Traditionally a cocktail party calls for a dark suit, navy or dark grey with a crisp white shirt and tie. Of course its great for men to change it up and wear a block colour shirt and patterned socks and even a pocket square.

Tee shirts under jackets are not considered cocktail attire nor are sneakers with pants and absolutely no denim ever!

So there you have it! Have fun getting ready for your next cocktail party!


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